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Kimie Minobe

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Kimie Minobe is an Australian and Japanese artist, born in 1996 who lives and works in London, United Kingdom. Filmmaker and artist, her recent works explore cross-cultural identity and belonging, memory, temporality and the universality in singularity. She graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Art from the Slade School of Fine Art (London) in 2020 and a Masters in Film Directing from the Met Film School, South Western University (London) in 2022.

Kimie’s works are often confessional with an interest in the act of spectatorship, and the participatory nature of viewing. Her works, a collage of still photos, newly shot footage, popular media, and newsreels, teeter between fact and fiction. The nature of her works shifts from protest to song to tender diary entries.

In 2020 she was selected for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries Prize, a highly prestigious award for young, emerging artists in the UK, and in the same year she exhibited her work “With Love from the USA” at the South London Gallery, a docu-drama exploring the facade of a third culture family, which questions the notion of the American Dream by revealing the hardships of assimilation and the realities of casual racism. “With Love from the USA” was also featured by The Cultural Institute of Radical Contemporary Arts (CIRCA) on the largest screen in Europe, Piccadilly Circus in 2020. Other works, such as "Ikigai" and "Curse of the Chameleon" have been shown in collaboration with University College London and Slash Arts Gallery. 


"Bon Voyage!" Slash Arts Gallery, 2022, London

"Kissaten /Tearoom" University College London, 2022

New Contemporaries 2020,  South London Gallery 


Bloomberg New Contemporaries Award 2020

Henriques Scholarship Prize 2020

Circa Art Graduating Class of  2020

Ryan Gander's podcast - DIFFICULT TRUTHS TO LIVE INSIDE - TROUBLE WITH TIME, Paul Mellon Centre, 2020

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